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A True Tale of Surviving Terminal Cancer

It happened as if overnight.

      A small growth became a big one.

She was then handed a death sentence:

    Given just three months to live.

  • Her name was Graphy, a Doby mix that lived with two Shih Tzu's and a cat. At only 7 years old we noticed a lump on her chest. It was the start of the summer, and the vet told us not to worry.
  • But by the end of summer, the lump suddenly grew large and obvious. And this time, the vet was not so reassuring.
  • After her operation, we learned she had "mast cell tumor". That it had spread to the liver and lymph system. It was a grade 3, out of 3. And she had just a few months to live.

What kind of book is OUTRUNNING CANCER?

Outrunning Cancer is part intimate true story, about the people and extended family that pulled together to save a loved pet.

But the book is also part examination of methodology. Which treatments worked, which didn't. And the many ways we chose to fight the cancer.

Outrunning Cancer discusses the successful paths we were fortunate to take, and the decisions we made that saved Graphy's life.


This book is for all of those people who have animals suffering a range of health issues, but in particular cancer. Perhaps it might be of interest to any one in poor health, as most of the techniques explored in this book work with humans as well as our pets.

Most of the techniques discussed come from the treatment of humans.
The focus is on alternative healthcare, which is often very successful,
and always far more affordable.

This book is for those that want a practical, first-hand guide for helping their beloved pets. Written by someone who actually lived through it.

Easy to Read 
Written for lay readers, no technical background needed.

Can Be Read in 1-3 Sittings 
Just under 200 pages, it gives you what you need to learn
quickly. And shares a story you may be living right now.

For Those With Serious Health Conditions 
Whether it's you, your pet, or another loved one,
this inspirational book will be a great help.

Offers Great Support & Real Hope! 
This book teaches that cancer can be overcome,
and gives you the support and hope you need to do it!

FREE BONUS:  Second eBook on Daily Diets

In addition to OUTRUNNING CANCER, we include a second short
eBook absolutely FREE. It's called "The Outrunning Cancer Diet",
and it steps you through adapting some of the daily food
choices to working with sick pets.

It discusses how different breeds of dogs, and and cats as well,
can have varying needs, and how to address these needs.

This book will ship in 2021.

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Lance has been an author and teacher and creative in publishing for over 30 years. Due to his own health needs, he has been in and around the health care and alternative health world much of his life.

He was a physical health trainer as a young adult, consultant to
Merck, Pfizor, Sepracor and other major international health/wellness companies, Editor and Creative Director of Newlife Health Magazine.

Lance and his extended family got to share 10 years with Graphy,
who went on after beating cancer, to live a normal lifespan.
And did so healthier and happier than ever before!

Lance is a member of Generation PAWS on Facebook, and was a member
of the former Central Park Conservancy PAWS Steering Committee.

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All work copyright MediaBook Press/Graphlink Media/Lance Evans 2021

Publisher / Author Note:  This book is a first hand accounting of actual events lived by the author. The author is not a doctor, vet, or medical professional. This book is meant to share what was possible in the circumstances he experienced, not as a replacement for medical guidance. Please consult qualified health professionals when making any health decisions.